It’s Spring Training?

So I’ve been thinking.  I started this blog to to write about sports.  In particular, baseball.  In particular, New York Mets baseball.  And yet, what do we have in our first three posts?  A rumination of blogging itself, a dead monkey, and a comment on an awards show that I didn’t even see.

So why haven’t I been inspired to write about the Mets?  Because there’s really nothing happening.  First of all, they’ve played well each of the last three years, only to see their championship hopes dashed late in the season.  That means nothing really interesting is going to happen until September.  Second, where’s the controversy?  Sure, there are two closers in the bullpen.  It should be a clash of egos, right?  Nope.  The only thing JJ Putz has taken shots at this year has been a wild boar (it was roasted on a spit in Port St. Lucie, in case you were wondering), and, the previously most high-profile free agent, Francisco Rodriguez, was signed at a relative bargain price, and has folded himself into the orange and blue, in Jerry Manuel’s team-first world generic levitra from india.

Embattled second basemen Luis Castillo is in shape, and ripping the ball like it’s 2001(albeit in batting practice).  Johan Santana leads a quietly confident starting rotation that (shh) might be the most solid in the game.  And there’s no need to worry about the manager.  By all reports, Manuel has the team fully under control. 

Let’s face it.  Spring Training for the Mets has been downright boring. 

Ooo!  Wait!  Here’s something!  Jerry Manuel said Daniel Murphy has the starting  job in left field, and Ryan Church will platoon with Fernando Tatis! 

Well, lets face it, all three of them had to prove themselves this year anyway.  All have shown flashes of brilliance, but Murphy, a double-A callup last year is still an unknown quantity, Church got off to a great start, but was derailed by two frightening concussions, and Tatis is the classic off-the-scrapheap player; you never know when he’ll be officially totalled. 

But, for the time being, as it is only February, all is quiet in Mets camp.  Everyone just wants the season to start.  Everyone just wants to see if the 2009 Mets are any different from their predecessors.

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